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Sunday, November 06, 2005

French riots

Just some thoughts on the French urban violence:

Speaking of the rioters here, it is very instructive.
The astonishing thing about them is just how
political they are. The interviews on the TV show the immigrant youth
(whether first, second or third generation) to be eloquent and angry. They
live in total shitholes. One Morrocan young man held up his French ID card
and said "I've had this three years, three years - but it means nothing.
They only see my name and I never get the job." Much of the graffiti
targets Nicholas Sarkozy specifically, who called trouble makers "rabble"
and insisted that the areas had to be industrially cleaned of these
people. It is stated fact that he opens his gob and the rioting massively
gets worse. His stoking the fire with hard-line rhetoric will either
implode his vile run for the presidency by linking him with division and
violence or will boost his standing with average-Joes who think it's high
time to bring back the guillotine.


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